Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving weekend turned out to be a really nice one. We don’t have immediate family close by anymore, so we are usually invited to a friends house, but this year, they were out of town. As we tried to figure out just what to do, if anything, we realized that most of the people we hung out with every evening, didn’t really have a place to do. Most of the employees are college students, away from home, and the friends who hang out with us every night do so because they are alone at home. So we got together with the owner of the bar and talked to him about having our own party. He had planned on being open in the evening, but said the place was ours during the day.


My husband had full range of the kitchen, where he was in his prime, cooking two turkeys and a ham, which was soaked in my famous teriyaki sauce. The rest of the food was contributed by way of potluck. We had about 30 people join us, and the day was enjoyed by all.


Having grown up in Hawaii, my family has always been the people around me. Not just my parents and my sisters, but the neighborhood. When I moved here to the Mainland, it was difficult for these people to understand how I felt, until I began to share my love with them. Now, they know what I mean when I tell them that they are my family. They can feel it, too, and this get together made them understand it more.

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