Writing mode

There are times when I’m sitting at the bar, zoned in on my pen and pad, while everyone else is talking and shouting over the music and sports games. Occasionally, they will try to say something to me, but it will just go over my head. In one ear, out the other, not even heard or noticed. It won’t be until someone taps my shoulder or yells practically in my face with their overly boozed breath that I even realize that it’s me they are trying to communicate with. I then shake out of my writing zone, apologize and ask them to please repeat what was just said or even what the subject was. Many times it’s something absolutely ridiculous and I just don’t even want to get involved. That is shown on my face or in the sound of my voice when I state my response, thinking, “just leave me alone and let me write.” Not said, but understood.

I’ll go back to my writing and the boys will laugh. One will say, “she’s listening, she just doesn’t want us to know it.” I’ll just smile to myself as I continue to write. If they only knew just what I’ve heard when I zone out and ‘ignore them.’