The eyes have it

just posted this on my Facebook page, thought I’d share it here too. Customers like to have me go all out and put eyes and ears on their hoods for fun. This is one of our swim hoods with eyes on the back. 


May Day

  🎶 May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

Garlands of flowers everywhere 

All of the colors of the rainbow

Maidens with flowers in their hair 🎶
🎶 Flowers that mean we should be happy

Throwing aside a load of care

Oh, May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

May Day is happy days out there 🎶
I remember singing and dancing to this song when in elementary school  on Maui. We’d put on a big show for our parents and anyone else who came. Each grade put on there own dance, at least a hundred in each grade. The teachers were responsible for teaching their classes the dance, then the last couple of days the whole grade would get together and try to synchronize, hoping that we’d all get it close enough to make it look as though we’d been practicing together, the hundred of us, all along. Five grades, five different dances. Oh, the memories.