The Pleasure of Grandchildren

I never thought I’d have the joy of having grandchildren. Mainly because I am unable to have children of my own. But over the years, I learned that I can still have children, even if they aren’t my own to claim. It all started out several years ago when the young teenage son of a friend came to me asking for help. His father was being abusive and he needed to escape. After speaking at length with his mom, my husband and I decided to open our home and hearts to those who need the extra tlc. Our door was always open for kids to come by after school and do their homework until their parents got home. They came and spent the afternoon with us, watching tv and enjoying each other’s company. There were times when they needed a safe place to stay, and there was always a bed ready and waiting for them.  If they just needed someone to talk to, we were there.


As time went on, we became close with these kids. They looked at us as parenting figures. And a couple of them began celebrating Mothers Day with me. And Fathers Day with my husband. Their parents were also very grateful to us for helping their kids. We were a second set of parents. Having been adopted myself, I know how it feels to have someone care for me and want me in their home as they did, as I did for my kids.


Now, all my kids are grown up. The youngest is about to turn 30. Amongst these kids (there’s   eight of them now), my seventh grandchild was just born on April 23rd, and there’s an eighth on the way in September. It brings me pleasure to see these kids grow up and have families of their own. They introduce me as Grandma or Tutu (Hawaiian), and it brings me nothing but pleasure to welcome these kids into the world and into my heart as family.


These kids are my rock. They keep me going. They bring me joy. They make me smile on days that nothing else will. All of these kids have stolen my heart, and keep my soul alive.  Image