Results of the Tests

Last week, I went back up to Stanford to see the original doctor I saw in August 2017.  I didn’t see him during the times that I was going through all the tests, but he was the one who originally ordered them and received the results of the tests.

During the visit, he went through each test with me, explained why each test was taken, and the results of these tests. Overall, they found a scar about the size of a human pinky in the left side of the brain.  They are unsure if it’s the only reason I am having seizures, but it could be a big part of it.

He is afraid to remove it with laser surgery, as it may affect my memory system, which I must admit, I’ve already lost a bit of it.  But, yes, I can understand that.

What he suggested is a chip. He showed me what it looks like and what it does. It’s about the size of a silver dollar, maybe a little smaller. It will be implanted on the left side where my seizures tend to start.  What this chip does, basically, is it watches for seizures to begin, and when they do, that chip activates and stops the seizures from going any further.  If the seizures are starting in other places, wires can be added and directed in the directions needed. Wires can be placed and removed as needed.

We agreed that the scar, if removed can never be replaced, whereas, if a chip is put in, it can always be taken out.

My dosages of medications have been changed. One has been increased, while the other has been decreased. If that works, we may not need the surgery at all. I will be seeing this doctor again in four months to see how I’m doing on the new dosages of the medications.

Time will tell.