Will You Wear Purple For Me?

Every year at this time, I reach out to my friends and family in hopes that support will show for not only myself, but for others who face the challenges of Epilepsy.


This is an important week for us, in that today, March 22nd, is a National March for Epilepsy in Washington DC. Unfortunately, I cannot be there with my friends who also have epilepsy, but my heart and thoughts are with them as they open the eyes of those around them. Kudos to those who are there.


This coming Wednesday, March 26th is Purple Day, on which we reach out to our friends and families to wear purple in support of our cause. It can be a piece of clothing, a pin, a ribbon, anything purple.  Purple Day was founded by a nine year old in Nova Scotia in 2008. She wanted to help extend the knowledge of epilepsy around the world. You can find more information about her and the background of Purple day on the website www.purpleday.org


Please, if you will, join us on Wednesday with something purple. We would appreciate that, and most of all, I appreciate YOU!!

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