Concept of Time

The last few weeks, I have felt stressed, rushed, running out of time. Then when I look at my calendar,, I realize that it’s only February. Yet, still, I’m running out of time.  Time for what? I just don’t know.  With business picking up, I feel I have very little time to write. I’ll start a poem or a new chapter in my book, and I feel I don’t have time to finish it, so I just pack it up and put my notebook back in my bag. I try to make a pattern, but am unable to finish it, as my time runs out at the end of the day. I sit while waiting for my dinner, but then I don’t get to finish my current stitch as the food arrives. I visit with a friend, but I have no time to really enjoy his company. I have a seizure, which takes away from my energy, and by the time I’m feeling better, it’s taken up the time I could have used to finish the books. And now, I learn I have high blood pressure, and suddenly, I don’t feel I have the time to finish my goals in life. I’m about to have another grandson, will I have time to see him grow? Time…I’m losing time. But what is time? The seconds of the clock? The hours of the day? The days of the year? The years of our lives?  I want more time…

(I’m sorry, I just needed to vent a little…back to work)

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