Holiday Feast

The holidays are usually very quiet here on the home front. Again, I was unable to send my husband snowboarding on Christmas Day as we don’t yet have snow.  Times are definitely changing, no only for us, but for the planet as well. This is the third year in a row we’ve had no snow in our hills, and our days have been warm and sunny.  Our waters full of whales and dolphins, and our divers  being treated to phenomenal conditions, instead of the storms and rough waters that we are so used to seeing.

This year, my husband decided to do something different. Like our Thanksgiving employee party at the bar, we decided to have one for Christmas as well. A few of those who work there are college students who can’t afford the trip back home. They have no real family here, just friends like us who have opened our hearts and welcomed them in.   My husband loves to cook, especially when it’s for numbers, and he had full run of the kitchen, which of course, is like a palace to him. He cooked a full course turkey meal for about 20 of us. Employees and friends. The day was filled with watching football, playing pool & darts, a few scrabble games, and of course, good food.

As I sat there, glancing at everyone there, I was reminded of what family really is.  These people I see every day, even if for minutes as we cross paths. Or for hours as we sit at the bar and chat, or concentrate on our games. These are my friends, this is my family, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I am looking forward to spending another year with these people. I know my husband is looking forward to cooking for them again.  Hopefully, it doesn’t have to take just a holiday to give him the opportunity.

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