Christmas 2013

Christmas this year will be a little different for me. Normally, I send my husband off to the slopes on Christmas day, while I stay home and enjoy the quiet. This year, there is not enough snow yet for snowboarding, so he will be cooking a turkey at our favorite bar for those there who are staying in town for the holidays. It is also a special day for me, as it marks the anniversary of my reunion with a dear friend I thought I’d never see again.  On Christmas day last year, he had responded to a poem I had written for a friend who had just passed away a few months earlier. I had posted the poem on Craigslist a couple of weeks previous, and he responded on Christmas day. We didn’t realize just who we were talking to until a couple of days later. Now, it’s almost as though those years without him never existed. It’s good to have him as a friend again and to be able to spend the hoiidays with him. 

Here is the poem that brought us back together:

I’ll never forget those eyes

His eyes so blue, so deep and so tender. The way he looked at me when my tears fell. He could see the sadness and the fear within me as he reached out to touch me.

I so wanted to feel his hand upon my cheek, but I was still shaken and terrified by the painful experience I’d just had only months before. He somehow knew how I was feeling and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt me and bring back those horrifying moments. So, he pulled back.

Our eyes still locked together. I could see that he felt my pain and my anger, my sadness and my fear.

The way those eyes looked at me was soothing. They spoke to me, telling me that I would be alright, even though he didn’t say a word. I could hear them as they whispered at me. His eyes told me that he would never hurt me. That he would protect me.

I’ll never forget those eyes, so deep and so blue.
I’ll never forget those eyes, so loving and so true.
I’ll never forget those eyes, as they haunt me still today.
I’ll never forget those eyes, though gone, they still look my way.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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