Bitten By Winter

My dear friend The Musical Poet came to check up on me again through email, as I’ve been a bit quiet the last several days. Well, the best excuse I could come up with this time was that I’ve been sick. And, no, when I get sick, it’s not just the simple cold that slows most down, but it pretty much stops me. It always hits hard with more symptoms than most, and it pulls me down with ropes, not just strings.  Luckily, being sick is a rarity for me, but it’s like a dozen colds wrapped up into one, if that makes sense.

Other than that, things have been okay. Business has been slow, which I always expect for this time of year. People are thinking more of shopping for others, rather than themselves, they are spending more time with their families, rather  that in the water with the fish. Or, they are just saving their money, knowing the next several weeks will be hard. Which, of course, makes things hard on us. Living day to day on what my business brings in is not an easy thing to do. Especially when it’s quiet for a couple of weeks.

Also, right now, we are dealing with a big fire just south of us in Big Sur. It is the most pristine area of our county and it’s devastating for us who live here to see her burn. The latest news I got was that the fire had grown to about 700 acres and we’ve lost 22 homes.  Yesterday, the smoke had covered us all the way up through Watsonville, which is in the next county up. This morning, with the dampness and fog, the smoke wasn’t so thick, but there’s really no telling until the fog clears. Hopefully, this evening or tomorrow, we’ll get some rain, which will help the 500+ fire fighters who have been working hard since Monday to put the fire out. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do, but sit here, wait, and send them good thoughts.  If you want to check updates on the fire, go to  They are our local news team and have photos posted as well.

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