Anniversary Week II

This last week has been a real whirlwind for me… With the 15th anniversary of my business, and the 25th anniversary with my husband.  We started off the celebration by camping at our favorite Boy Scout camp down the coast with my father in law, who came up from Southern California. The last couple of times we camped with him, we went to the Grand Canyon, but this year we wanted to go somewhere closer. We chose this particular camp as both he and my husband spent many summers down there as scouts and it’s always been one of their favorite places to be.  Mine, too. 

We arrived just in time on Tuesday to see them removing the dam that they put in for the summer to form a swimming lake for the scouts during the summer. They were also about to remove the fish ladder that’s put in with the dam so the fish can continue their routes through the river. There were a few other major improvements made to the camp since we’d been their last. A new cafeteria, a new archery range, and a new community fire pit with actual bleachers, replacing the old logs that the kids sat on previous.  Our tent was right next to the river, which was heavenly, especially at night, when not another sound was heard. I love just laying there, listening to the water flow through. Heavenly. It was really nice getting away from the every day scene and just spending a few days in the wilderness with no worries around us.


On Saturday night, we had a big anniversary party at our favorite pub. A bunch of wonderful friends came to help us celebrate, including a couple surprise visits I wasn’t expecting which really made my weekend even more special! The pub provided us with appetizers and pool tables, and a chocolate cake. I couldn’t believe I walked out of there with a bill for just $7.00!!  lol  It was a wonderful week, a wonderful night. One that will remain in my thoughts for a while. And to top it all off, my sister will be visiting on Thursday. I haven’t seen her in…I’m ashamed to say how long…  What other surprises does September hold for me, I wonder?

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