31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10: My best physical feature



Ha ha!  You’re asking me? You should ask my husband about that one. If you did, he’d most likely say my chest. lol  If you asked my children and/or my friends, they’d tell you my heart.  But, you’re asking me. I’ve never been a very pretty woman, I know that. So, my physical features aren’t thought of in that way. But if I had to pick one, it would either be my heart or my hands. It’s with my hands that I work, it’s with my hands that I write, it’s with my hands that I quilt. It’s with my hands that I make music. If I didn’t have my hands, my life would be very difficult. I’d have nothing.  So, my hands are my best physical feature.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9: My worst habits



Another tough question.  I don’t have any of the worst habits in the world such as smoking, drinking, or drugs, so those are out.  I don’t chew my nails, I don’t pick my nose or my ears. I don’t lie, cheat, or steal.  There is nothing  that my friends or husband don’t like about me (or at least they are too afraid to say so).  I guess one of my worst habits would be pulling out my pen and pad in the middle of a party to write. Or disappearing without telling anyone when I feel the need to cry.  I do tend to leave the toilet seat down.  I’ll pull the outer casings off my cats claws when they are loose.

I’m stuck…if I think of anything else, I’ll update.  I’m sure I’ll think of something as I do it. lol

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8: What’s in my handbag?


Well, kind of a silly question, as I don’t carry a handbag, or anything of the sort, so I guess I’ll tell you what’s in my pockets…Of course, I have a small wallet. One which I made myself of neoprene, just big enough to hold my drivers license, my debit card and a few business cards. I carry what little cash I have folded up and embraced with a small clip.  In my other jeans pocket lives my iPhone. My jacket pockets are the big ones…they hold my medications, a tiny zipped bag of special marbles and stones, and a bag of peanuts for the two bluejays that follow me around town.  In my other pocket is my writing pad and pen, and a charger for my phone. Occasionally, there will be a couple of specialty items, for example, at the moment are copies of an invitation to a big party we are having in September to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and the 15th anniversary of my business. There are people I run into around town that I don’t see all that often, so when I do, I want to be sure they get a copy, so I printed them out early just in case. 

31 Dat Blog Challenge: Day 7: My Pet Hates


My pet hates?  This one is difficult for me to answer, as I really don’t hate anything. Hate to me is an unnecessary evil. Sure, there are a few things I don’t like, but the feelings don’t do deep enough to say that I hate them. I think the only thing I hate is the word hate itself.  Okay, so would you be okay with the things I don’t like?  Hmmmm, even that’s a bit difficult. Let’s see…I don’t like the fact that I suffer from seizures; I don’t like the fact that I was raped when I was young; I don’t like the fact that I still struggle with the things that hurt me the most; I don’t like crying myself to sleep every night; I don’t like not having anyone to talk to when I’m hurting the most; I don’t like the way I’m feeling right now as I write out this list, so I’m going to stop. *sigh*


The happiness you gave to me, in just one simple day,
Has touched me more inside my heart, than any word can say.

Many people search the world, for that one perfect mate.
A person’s mortal happiness, lies in chance, love, and fate.

Fate has brought me here to you. The love we have to make.
I give to you my mind and body, the chance for you to take.

I swear before the heavens, if in me you will believe,
I’ll do anything to make you happy, so you’ll never want to leave.

Your soft kiss upon my lips, and just your simple touch,
Has opened my heart to many things, has made me feel so much.

Whenever I’m around you, I feel like I could melt.
Just your presence makes me feel things, I thought I never could have felt.

In my heart will be your image. On my face there’ll be a smile.
Even if there never is a future, the time was worth the while.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6: My 5 Senses Right Now



You mean how am I feeling right now?

Lets see, taste, sight, hearing, touch, and smell…

I am tasting the flavor of my coffee. I am seeing the glow of my computer and the garden outside my office window. I am hearing the music on my iTunes, which right now is Cecilio & Kapono singing “Good Night & Good Morning”. I am feeling the touch of my keyboard. And I am smelling a combination of the scents of my coffee and a beautiful yellow rose that a customer brought me yesterday in thanks for a hood that I made him.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5: 10 Songs I Love Right Now


1. “Almost Everything” by Richard Marks.  This song has been my “theme” song for the last couple of years.

2.  “Shout Out Loud” by Amos Lee

3. “Be Okay” by Indrid Michaelson

4. “Kahealani” by my dear friend Amy Hanaiali’i & Jeff Peterson

5. “You Are There” by Stacey Kent

6. “The Best Is Yet To Come” by Stacey Kent

7. “Misguided Ghosts” by Paramore

Cecilio & Kapono inspired me to play the guitar when I was a young teenager & Kapono taught me my first few chords.

8. “Good Times Together” by Cecilio & Kapono

9. “About You” by Cecilio & Kapono

10. “Friends” by Cecilio & Kapono

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4: What Am I Afraid Of



I must admit, there aren’t very many things I’m afraid of, commonly. I’ve never been afraid of spiders, monsters, or falling off the edge of a cliff, to name a few.  I’ve always been the adventurous “tomboy” type to throw crickets through a neighbors window, or to cross that very narrow bridge high above the river, or to explore an abandoned graveyard in the dark. But I do have one fear that strikes me every day, and that is the fear of never healing my heart. Of never being able to bring my soul back to life.  Of never finding complete happiness. Of never being able to completely say goodbye and forget the things that hurt me.  That, my friends, is what I am afraid of.