Thoughts of a Dear Friend

Yesterday, while at work, I suddenly became hit with emotions and tears, and thoughts of a dear friend I’ve been missing terribly. This morning, I came to work, looked at the calendar to see what needed to be done and it hit me that tomorrow, it will be one year since he has passed away. No wonder my heart feels awry. The tears falling suddenly with no apparent reason throughout the day. This friend has been my best friend for over 25 years. We knew each other inside and out, and he took my deepest secrets to the grave with him. He knew things that my husband doesn’t even know about. I know the next few days are going to be hard. I can just feel it. I’m just hoping that it’s nice enough on Wednesday that I can spend my day off at the ocean’s edge and talk to him one more time. Thinking of you, David. I miss you. *sigh*

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