31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17: My Most Proud Moment


There’s a few out there, but one that really strikes me as I read the question would be on a particular Mother’s Day, oh about 15-20 years ago. See, I don’t have any children of my own, per say. Mainly due to medical reasons. But I do have a number of what I call “surrogate” children. These are children who belong to friends and neighbors, children who have needed a little extra tlc in their lives, they needed a safe place to stay after school, a place to do their homework, or when their parents got into arguments. They needed extra guidance when they didn’t feel comfortable asking their parents about things. Mainly, they needed someone they could turn to. I was it. I was there.

I thought nothing of it until one of the boys knocked on my door the morning of Mother’s Day with a bunch of flowers and a card. Thanking me for everything I’d done for him, and for being there as a second ‘mom’. That was my proudest moment.. I cried. I still do when I think of it. I have realized how much I love these kids as though they were my own. Currently, there’s eight of them, and amongst them, I have 3 beautiful grandchildren. Of course, there is always room in my heart for more. Who am I going to welcome into my heart next  as a son, a daughter, or even a grandchild?

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