31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13: My Earliest Memory


My memories go back until I was three years old, and I have a number of them, my earliest was when I met my adoptive parents. They had just gotten married and were about to head back to their home on Oahu. They were staying at a neighbors house where my friend had lived with his mom, and I spent a lot of time with them. The young couple was concerned about my getting home and asked about it, and mentioned the fact that my mother would be worried. I just looked up at them and said, “My mom’s not home.” Sure enough, they learned that my mother wasn’t around much, and I spent a lot of time at their house. So, the couple went to my mother the next day and asked if they could take me with them, which she agreed to. A few years later, the woman adopted me and became my mom for good. For which I am very grateful.


One of my favorite memories of the house on Oahu was  that the windows of living room, which also happened to be my parents bedroom, over looked the city of Honolulu, as we were on a hill. We were in the middle of a thunder storm, and I remember sitting in bed with my parents and watching the lightning lighting up the entire city. It was a very exciting night with a spectacular show.

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